My goals; about what I do...

If you would like to, you are invited into following this elven artist on her adventures. She spends most of her time drawing and painting but also loves to sing, sew and sculpt.
She also spends a lot of time reading and loves the smell of old libraries. Tea, interesting conversations and story-telling about adventures, spending time with animals and travelling as much as possible are, according to her, by far some of the best things in life.
She wants to share all of this with you and even has a message : « Welcome, friend or stranger. I wanted to explain a word or two about my aims. My goal is to, through my creations bring a bit of fantasy to people. If, in some way, people can escape reality, feel transported, imagine other worlds, feel that I trigger their imagination thanks to what I make, do or am, I could state part of my life as a succes.
Its absolutely ok to be weird or strange. I know I am. And the world would be a bore without the originality brought by this kind of people. We should celebrate our uniqueness and make something worth remembering with it. We have only this life, and I intend on making the very best out of it, and try to inspire people into doing the same.
I hope you will enjoy discovering these little parts of my world. Never hesitate to come and talk to me, trough e-mail, if we meet on a festival, or on any of the other social networks.
~Caro in naid melog a melo in naid len car~»

The origin of my name, Ellentari.

The very first reference here, and probably the most obvious, is the link with the character created by Tolkien, Varda Elentàri. Her name means, "Queen of the stars". She is the elves' favorite Valar.
If I identified myself with this name, it is because the star has been an ever present symbol in and through my life. I have been in love with the stars for ever and I have apparently, been that symbol to others, very often. The star is definitely my symbol and I cherish it.

Secondly, the name that my mother had chosen for me (but eventually couldn't give me) is Ellen.
We both regret this because I would have loved to wear that name and agree that it would have suited me very well.

And then there's the closeness with the elves. Considering how much I feel related to them, the importance of this point isn't a surprise.

It seemed to me that all these elements melted harmoniously together, it felt right.
And so my alias was born.


Concerning these men who guided and inspired me, these are the two most important and influent names: Alphonse Mucha and Brian Froud.
Mucha was such a perfectionnist and grand master of the Art Nouveau mouvement. His way of sublimating nature and beauty was perfection.
And Brian Froud, appart from being the most talented artist, also created doorways and portals for us to meet the faery people. Having been offered the chance to follow a master class with him I can sincerely say that he is also a model to follow as a person.