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New News! :D

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Hi everyone ! It has been extremely long since I have written a new entry. I do apologise for this but can ensure you that I will be back and post new things more often. My health has clearly tried to sabotage me these last weeks and at some point even tried to kill me, I’m sure. Well, that was a bit my doing. Not the ‘try to kill me’ part ! I just could have taken better care of myself and I didn’t. So there. Punished by my health. But lets get to the more intersting part. Tomorrow I will have a photoshoot, the whole day. I will try, once again, to make the cover of FAE magazine. As some of you may know, I already tried to send in pictures for the Summer edition. (Yes, the ones in my gallery). But a talented russian fanatsy photographer made the front page. (You must check out her work. Her name is Margarita Kareva. She’s amazing !) So I’ll try again. This one will be for the winter edition. I’m really excited about tomorrow. – I also almost finished my second elven cloak, the water-themed one. Pictures will follow soon ! And last but not least, a few months ago, I met these talented leather workers. (‘Atelier du Troll’, you can find them on FB) I asked them if they could make me a nifty elven purse (I’ve been looking for one for sooo long !). Of course they could make me one. I quickly drew a design of what I wanted the purse to look like. When I showed them, they liked it so much they asked if they could keep the drawing to make other ones like it. SO. The first good news is that my purse is almost finished ! The other good news is that they ask me regularly to draw new designs for them to make. I am kind of proud, yes. – And that’s it for today ! Whishing you an amazing day !