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So much news!

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Hi everyone ! First of all, welcome to my new website. I’m extreemely thrilled to finally show it to you and hope you like it better this way ! So, a new year has started and with it came a lot of other new things. For example… My new (and very first) tattoo !!! I never thought that I would do it. I liked the ‘clean, pure’ (…) elven sensation of my body. But then I started considering that a delicate elven pattern in white ink would look kind off good. Anyways, I’ll let you be the judge of that. What do you think ? – And yes, I had to write a post about this, because it is a big deal for me. The nice tattoo artsit (Moska -> Grizzly INC) was kind enough to let me keep the ink version.

This will probably be my only one, though. An over-tatooed high elf simply feels a bit strange. But the tattoo artist simply laughed and said : ‘Only one.Yeah, they all say that.’

A lot of new projects are getting more and more concrete. I will soon add my ‘Valar’ gallery, and continue the drawings of these fabulous entities. I even know what series of drawings I will be starting after that one. Yes, I am truely inspired !

I also have some new costumes in the make, and a few photo sessions in mind, including my little brother. ☺ There is even more, but I’ll wait for it to be more developped before telling you about it.
Elven hugs !