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Opening of a new gallery

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As some of you may have noticed, I have become kind of obsesed with a new series, of late. This new passion made me create fan arts and delay my promissed Valar drawings (who are by far more precise, professionnal and serious !)

But fear not ! I will as soon as possible start on the next promissed drawing. Even tough the French role playing game ‘Aventures’ keeps on inspiring me and – in a certain way- relaxing me because of the different kind of drawings I make of it – and thus I need less concentration and time to create them – I will put it asside to concentrate on my other projects. Even tough, when given the chance I will carry on creating fan arts about the series !

If you must know, I am a huge rpg fan. Yes, of all of them. But the paper, on table played rpg with your dice and everything, are by far my favorite. It has been a whil since I’ve had the occasion to play and I really miss it. I guess, discovering ‘Aventures’ on Youtube was a way for me to channel my longing to play. :p That’s why I decided that they deserved a gallery of their own on my website. This is me assuming what I love !

‘Aventures’ is a rather classick med-fan rpg. A bit like ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ or ‘Warhammer’. Some French Youtubers that I greatly appreciate play the roles of the charachters, live (or you can watch the episodes on Youtube, if you’re a bit late) and this way, you can watch and follow a rpg table just by going on the internet. What a glorious idea they had !