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The new project

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Hey Peeps!
Not so long ago I told you that I had a project in mind that I was really eager to start on, in collaboration with my little brother. This project is as ambitious as it is mad.

Yesterday we had our first meeting about this project, to try to answer questions such as: 'Are we truly motivated to start on this?', 'Are we capable enough to make it?' and also, ' Where to start?' We constructively answered all these questions and even other ones! I am rather proud because eventually it was a very useful meeting and I feel we started something big and we started on it in the best way possible.

I stay very secretive about our project and will continue to do so untill we reached something concrete.I will, nonetheless, give you some pieces of information. To start with, I will have to create new costumes for this. Hence the picture of the beautiful fabrics I joined in this news. Also, the idea would be to create a video. This will take a lot of our time so I cannot give you a date. We both have a lot of other things to do and combining our agendas won't always be easy. (For example: yesterday I tried to finish my second Valar drawing, wich turned out to be a miserable mistake. It took time, that, eventually was wasted).

The drawing I made about my brother (Damien, because he has a name and everything!) and myself, up top, gives away another clue about the video (Difficulty level +++).

Thank you so much for your support and positive feedback. It really keeps me inspired.
Motivated elven hugs!