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I’m back with a new post ! I hope you’re all well !
At this almost beginning of the spring equinox my projects and their creation make me feel as though they are multipliying and I couldn’t be happier !
To start with, as you can notice on the picture, I received my new copy of FAE Magazine, my source of inspiration. In it I can always find out what kind of magical and fantastic things are happening in the world and that simply makes me feel good !

About my creations, I finally started on my elven robe ! Of course, as soon as she’ll be finished I’ll show you lots of pictures. I also started to create some jewelry again, as you may have noticed on my Facebook or Instagram. Then there are the more surprising projects. I have the immense pleasure (and a lot of stress) to reveal to you that I shall soon release a new little video. In this video you will finally hear me sing. I know I talked a lot about the fact that I love to sing and that you would soon hear me, if I ever found the courage. So all I need is a date. Everything else is ready. Please be kind in your judgement. I am really happy to di this, but it also frightens me out of my wits.

I also am excited because the medieval market season approaches ! I will go to a lot of conventions as well. So here is the ‘agenda’ part of the article. ^^ I will try my best to go to as many markets as possible. I’ll always wear my elven robe (that’s – partly- why I have to finish her as soon as possible) so I shouldn’t be hard to recognise in case you would like to say hello. ☺
I will also be at the Made in Asia on the 12 of March – probably FACTS in Gent on the 2th of April – the Elf Fantasy Fair on April 23, in the Netherlands – the 28 of May I’ll be at the RPC in Germany and… that’s enough to start wity it think.

Elven hugs and a magical day to all of you !