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Made in Asia

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This week-end I was supposed to be at Glastonbury according to the little tradition I started a year ago. For multiple reasons I wasn’t able to make the trip. I had to cancel. If I was still hesitant in the beginning, the decision quickly became very easy when the ‘Made In Asia’ event – in Brussels- announced that the whole team of ‘Aventures’ would be present. That same week-end. Decision made. Trip cancelled.

A few days before the event, the MIA announced that not everyone would be able to meet the special guests. And – technically- I wasn’t one of those who would be meeting them. I felt rather sad and disappointed but due to a prticular course of events (thank you for ever to Shun-Geek, one of the gentlemens’ girlfriend) I got to meet them anyway !

Because of the immense and sudden load of emotions and my strong health (…) I felt a bit dizzy and overwelmed. And, what can I say…. They were the most adorable people ever. They send someone fetch a chair for me and said I could stay there, beside them as long as I liked and needed. I decided then to give them all my ‘Aventures’-related drawings and paintings. I felt so gratefull I hoped my drawings would be enough to show how thankful I was. So, all these drawings are gone, but they’re in good hands, I know. Of course I will make more ! Anyway, I came back with my eyes full of dreams and twinkling with stars. Now, in function of who will be there I consider going to the French event ‘Geek Faeries’.

It was my very first time at the MIA and it was kind of amazing. I spend way to much money, but they had so much great and rare items. So it was totally worth it. (Probable picture of my loot to come on Instagram).
There were a lot of different kind of amusing and surprising activities and a loads of amazing cosplays. I cosplayed myself, that way recycling what I was supposed to wear at the Glastonbury ball. So I became Poison Ivy.

In general it was a great experience that I will renew if it isn’t at the same time as the the Glastonbury Fairy Fayre. I feel happy, inspired and exhausted. But it is a good kind of exhaustion. Yes it is.