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The friends' entry

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A new entry !

A new entry because there are a lot of things I wish to share with you, for they are rather important to me. For starters, I hope you are all well. I think that a massive amount of people have been touched by what has happenend in Belgium of late, and it honestly does nothing for inspiration. You start asking yourself a lot of questions, maybe even emit judgements that you shoudn’t but at that precise moment, it simply feels good to express yourself about these kind of things. I decided to not let negative emotions overwelm me but on the contrary, try to be even more creative. Creativity will oppose the destruction that took place. Yes, I decided to concentrate on that last idea. So here I am, trying more then ever to create some magic in your lives, and make you dream again, if possible. That is my aim anyways.

So I will start with the least important bit of news.
On Wednesday I had a photoshoot with a friend photographer. She needed a model for one of her school projects. She had to make a series of pictures that were fashion-themed. Since common fashion doesn’t really interest her she decided to make a fantasy-choice to inspire her. She asked WAAaRpg (you know, the ones I modeled for in the golden gown , and where my little brother works) if she could borrow some costumes for the occasion. They agreed. My friend photographer, Manon, really fell in love with the golden gown, so I got to wear my old friend again. ☺ Since we both wanted a bit of variety in the pictures I got to wear another costume that was a bit wilder. It all went well and she was extremely professional. She knew exactly what kind of poses and attitude she wanted from me so I really only had to do what she told me. Near the end she let me go a bit crazy, telling me to go with it. So I’m really impatient to get to see what they look like, and share them with you !

In this second news entry I’m going to tell you about the amazing project of a friend of mine. I met her in a magical context, for we met in France at the Brian Froud masterclass. She is british. We didn’t get the chance to meet again ever since, but we keep contact. And a few weeks ago so came to me on Facebook telling me about a magical project she started. But before telling you about the project I nedd to tell you where her idea came from. It started with a rather sad thought. She was wondering if the world we lived in today with all it’s consumerism and lack of respect for the planet and other human beings had an impact on the magical and imaginary worlds children create for themselves. It made her feel very unconfortable but she needed to know. So she started a research. The result quite stunnend her ! It would seem that children believe in magic more then ever ! Faeries, elves, trolls ans gnomes all seem perfectly natural creatures in a modern-day childs’ mind ! And then it happened. She wanted to do something with this precious information, so she created THE project. The Fairy Project to be exact. The concept is simle. Every child that wishes to participate reached out to her and as soon as possible, will receive a box. In that box the child will find loads of creative items that are destined to be formed into a fairy. Not simply a fairy. The child shall have to create a fairy the way he or she sees them. It will turn out to be a contest. The most inspiring ones will be ackowlodged by a ‘fairy-jury’.

Since I was very impressed by her project, I suggested she shouldn’t keep it to the U.K. only. I told her I would be more then happy to translate everything she needed to reach out to French and Dutch speaking children. That way she could go ‘international’. :D She also asked me to be one of the judges for the British contest.
Should you be interested and want to get involved, or simply are curious about the project you can follow this page.

And last but not least, I added a link to my link page. My wonderful cousin opened an all organic restaurant in the Netherlands. Go take a look !

Thank you so much for your showing interest ! Elven hugs all around for you lovely people !!!
P.S . The picture has nothing to do with all of this. I simply wanted to create a magical mood. It was taken last year in France at the ‘Féeries du Bocage’ festival.