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A New Gallery

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This is it ! I have been talking for a while now, about the elven tunic I was making and the photosession that would go with it, once finished. I am so very pleased to announce to you that both are finally done. And so I can announce the opening of a new photo gallery. Other pictures will probably add itself to gallery a bit later. My amazing photographer ( the marvelous Manon Espalard) hadn’t had the chance to make an entire selection of the pictures she wants to keep. It’s with this same photographer that I’ve had a photosession for her personnal work , the one with the golden gown I told you about. Same situation here, she has to finish some details. Essentially to hide visible parts of the hideous floor that shows on some of the pictures.
But you can probably tell that there is some progress !
Some other photographers asked me for next Friday (22nd) but we have some organisationnal issues. I guess we’ll see soon enough if that one will take place or not.

I also made an addition to my ‘Aventures’ gallery.
Because of it’s large size (A3) and it’s many details, this aquarelle took a lot of time and energy to make. But I am rather happy with the end result, and to feel that way about one of your own creations is real bliss. Artists being known to be rarely happy about the things they create… and I’m an expert when it comes to being critical about my own work. If it hadn’t been for my boyfriend, I would have never shown my drawings at all !
Btw, the next drawing, in the same kind of spirit has already made itself clear in my mind. I don’t know yet if I will draw it on the same format but I promiss you that it will be interesting. I will enjoy making that one. Only thing left, I hope that you will like it.

On an entirely other level, I am quite excited because I will be at the Elf Fantasy Fair next weekend ! If you don’t know what that is, let me explain. It is one of the biggest fantasy festivals’ in Europe. It takes place in my beloved country, the Netherlands. Yes, I am Dutch and darn proud of it ! It all happens around a magical castle and in it’s elegant gardens. Should you be interested, you can find more information on their website : : 

And that’s it for the moment ! Of course, should I make a drawing or some jewelry that were not on the official planning but were created anyway, you will see them appear on my FB page. Elven hugs !