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Return of my inspiration

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Many days have passed since I wrote my last news. I guess everyone has those moments when you suddenly lack the courage, inspiration or creativity to simply sit down in front of that white page and start writing, or painting.
But eventually I will always return with news about my projects, what I’ve been up to and new realisations. So for those of you who still follow me on my site, I must dearly thank you for your interest.

So… About these last days.
Concerning the biggest change in my life, this last month, I have a new love in my life. For my birthday my best frind and my fiancé conspired sweetly to smuggle a new soul into our appartment. It was the best surprise ever… It had been years that I wanted one but I never had enough money to invest and I wasn’t sure about Honey’s reaction about me wanting a snake. But there he was ! A glorious python ! So it took me some time, like a nervous new mother, to understand all the subtilities about having a beautiful snake at home. I wanted him to be as comfortable and happy as possible. Pythons are known to be easily stressed so I really wanted him to feel relaxed. It took me some time to read up about the subject and take care of him. But apprently I’m doing quite well. *Proud*

On the other hand, I had been preparing for weeks for a festival that I was extremely excited about, in France. The Geek Faeries. For the occasion I had finished a rather complex drawing, made a portfolio that I could take with me and even sew up my wool cloak who was showing points of weakness all over. We were ready to go. Everything was packed up for the journey there. And then we read the news. The festival was canceled… It had been raining so heavily that everything was under water. Several roads in France were banished beacause of the risk of taking them.
I have to admit that every inch of inspiration and happiness had left my body.
But the organisators of the festival are though ones ! And apparently they are more determined then ever to make the festival happen anyway. So they proposed a new date for this summer. At the end of august, the Geek Faeries will take place anyway !!! *I am joy and fluttering happiness*

Eventually all those evnts take place in a very good order for me.
I had the amazing opportunity to score a photoshoot with an incredible photographer who’s work I’ve been following for years. She really reveals the magic in every picture she takes. I will not yet reveal her identity since I love surprises.
For the occasion, I will create a new dress. Untill now I always created dresses in cold and pastel tints. So I decided to take a whole new type of colour and bought a stunning bronze-rust coloured fabric. And that way I will be able to wear it at the photoshoot and the GF festival.

Now, about my creations.
My next drawings will be a second Valar and a new sight from World of Warcraft. (Btw, did you see the movie ?! I loved it !!!!).
I also promissed you a song but I depend on the organisation of other people an they havn’t yet found the time for me to lend me their studio. But as soon as I have news I’ll let you know !

On this news’ picture you can see me and little Nygma at our very first meeting on my birthday party. It was love on first sight !