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Midsummer night’s dream

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Summer finally seems to be behaving in the warm sunny way that it should.
The heat came suddenly and didn’t give us time to get used to such rising temperatures. At least I get to procure my body with some healthy vitamin D. It was so warm that I thought that I might start to melt at some point. However…
I was born on a Sunday. Summer has always been my season. I am a sun child.
So, quite unexpectedly I found energy and inspiration to get to work and make those close to me proud.

I got to do most of the things I promised you in my last entry.
I finished the Valar drawing I talked about. You can find it in the Valar themed gallery (obviously…). Unlike the Valar drawing of Miyazaki, I will not give you an explantion about why I chose Amy Winehouse to represent Yavanna. As I told you, for each one of them, I chose a celebrity that influenced my life in a strong way. You will find out why for some of them, however, for others, I judge it as too personal to explain my choice. We have all got a past, we all have our demons, so I am sure you can understand. What I can tell you is that Yavanna is the Valar of ‘All things that grow’. She is married to Manwë, the Valar of the air and the wind. The Eldar call her ‘Kementarí’, Queen of the Earth.
Two Valar down, a lot more to go…
Concerning other promissed drawings, I will soon start a sight of Pandaria from World of Warcraft. (BTW, the movie was brilliant !!! Did you see it ?)

My other creation made me particulary proud.
If you read my last news, you are aware that I contacted a photographer that I admire with all my heart and she agreed to a photo shoot. I don’t know when yet, but it will be on a week day. That’s all I can tell you for now. I made a dress especially for that photo shoot. It is the most beautiful dress I ever made and I feel so proud to show it to you ! I hope you like it.
Actually this photo shoot will be a colaboration between myself (duh…) and a dear friend I consider as my big sister. Esthérelia is an multitalented artist (you can find her on my link page !) She sews way better then me (the gowns she makes will leave you speachless), that creates the most delicate dolls (they look like fairies and goddessess, not like the classical victorian creepy ones) and makes tiaras. She has this one tiara that is called ‘Crown of the queen of Autumn’. As you can guess, I will be wearing it for the pictures. I have got so much hopes for these pictures. I will see my friend next weekend to pick up the tiara and of course, spend some quality elf time with the big sister she is to me.

I think I also promissed you a song.
Sadly the friends who where supposed to help me finish it are still busy! It happens. So Honey recorded a song I sang on his phone. It sounds kind of nice but of course it isn’t studio quality. I’m still asking myself if I will share the song with you on my Facebook page or not. (Yes I still am scared as hell to unveil my singing to you.) So I shall make a decision in the following days.

Here we get to the more ‘girly’ part of the news.
I recently took a closer look at the Youtube channel of one of the beautiful writers for FAE Magazine. You can find her under the name ‘Atlantis Fae’. On her channel she mostly gives make-up advice and make-up tutorials. So what does she have that all those other girls who make the same kind of videos don’t have? Well, to start with, she is a fairy. To me, everything in her videos, in her way of explaining things, is more magical, sparkly and ethereal than the others. True candy to the eye. Also , during her tutorials she often talks about rather philosophical subjects and gives her opinion on what is going on in the world. She is a smart girl and I think that her point of view on certain things can really help get one through a problem or a bad day. So she is not just a pretty face. I told you, she’s a fairy. And fairies are smart, spirited, spiritual, amazing creatures and proud protectors of the Earth. That’s exactly what she is. So that’s the difference between her and the rest. She also does free fairy Tarot readings on her YouTube channel every month. So ladies (and gents, if you like…) you must go and take a look at this beautiful person, whom I’m excited to meet again – but this time for a longer, more in depth meet up- at the Glastonbury Faery Faere. Link to Atlantis Fae’s YouTube Channel is here.

In other news, I started to study plants again, and their healing properties. I try to study rigorously every day but it’s not that simple. Even though I’ve already learned a lot of amazing things !

So, coming up : a drawing of Pandaria, maybe a song on my FB page, and probably new jewelery ! But I am mostly excited and getting ready for the Geek Faeries !!!

So much elven love to you all !