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Summer Adventures (1/2)

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After way to much time I eventually find the courage to sit down peacefuly and tell you about all marvelous things that happened to me of late. If these events burned up almost all of my energy it also gives me a lovely occasion to tell you so much stories ! So I won’t keep you waiting any longer. And since I have so much to tell, this news will be parted in two pieces. That way, you won’t get the feeling that you’re reading the dictionnary. You’re welcome.

At the time of my last news I was getting reading for the Geek Faëries festival, I just finished my autumn dress and Honey and I were getting ready to pay my sister in spirit and her husband a visit. My sister, the lovely Esthérelia, makes the most beautiful dresses, crowns and fantasy dolls, and she alowed me to borrow one of her crowns to go with my dress.
So it’s with my familly-in-spirit that the adventure begins.
Beside the fact that I was overwelmed with hapinness to spend some time with my sister again, I was positively surprised by the beauty of Lille, the city they live near. The architucture is breathtaking, the whole city just swims in historical buildings and secrets, and my sister showed me a few shops that got my entire attention. Girls will be girls.. As it were they also took us to a very special pub ! Little did I know at that time that a part of the adventures would happen there a few weeks later… This pub called ‘Le DernierDar Avant La Fin Du Monde’ (litteraly : The Last Bar Before The End Of The World) was a geek’s paradise ! Everywere you could find paintings, statues, posters, referencing to a certain movie/game/caracter in geek-culture ! And the place was enormous ! In the back room there were tons of boardgames that you could play for free. Their menucart was present as a newspaper with geek news, little games etc, and the menu itself had original names for all of their drinks. The ‘newspaper’ is changed every month. But I have to say that the best part was the TARDIS in the backroom you had to enter to go to the bathroom.
One of the employees who is a friend of my sisters’ husband showed us around and told us about the bars’ projects. Indeed not to long ahead from that moment,’Legion’ the new extension of World of Warcraft would be released. They wanted to organise a special event for the WoW community. He said it would be perfect if they could find an artist that made WoW fanart… It was as if it was meant to be. Right place, right time as they say. And that’s how, two weeks from then I would be exposing at that amazing place. If I could find the time to make a new drawing for the event they said it would be even better. And I accepted.

The next day my sister and I decided that we wanted to celebrate the special date we were reunited on – Lughnasad – and so we changed ourselves into sisters of the Fall. We spend a photographic afternoon in Lilles’ beautiful park.
If you would be interested in seeing those pictures don’t hesitate to take a look in my Portfolio, in the album ‘Sisters of the Fall’.

After hugging my sister and her husband goodbye I started working on my drawing the second I got home. Even though I was very tired I forced myself to carry on the drawing in the following days while getting packed for the Geek Faëries.
Looking back on these days I am very grateful to myself that because had I not started the drawing I’m not sure I would have finished it in time for the exhibition.

The big day arrived finally.
Even tough it’s hard for me be separated – even for a magical event – from my fiancé, this time was a little easier. A friend I had been talking with for hours would come and pick me up at the trainstation near Paris. So thank you so much once again to Audrey and her boyfriend Zec, for watching over me so carefully.
I will skip ahead a little bit because you don’t want to hear about how it went on the road, what our hotel looked like, how long it took us to wait in line to get our weekend pass, or how happy we were to be reuntied with the other members of our group.

So, it’s on a lovely Saturday morning that the rest of the adventure begins. The castle and it’s surroundings looked fairytale-like, there was a nice mood and the weather was easy. A lot of amazing things were about to happen. After the opening speech, we went quickly to queue up to meet the cast of ‘Aventures’. (Minus Bob. The organisation separated him from the rest of the group for reasons that are still obscure to me). I had lovingly made HQ copies of one of my drawings, the one one which they are all sitting in a field, so each of them would have one. Except for Mahyar who isn’t on that drawing so I made him his own. I was very surprise (like,really very surprised) when they all recongnised me from the ‘Made In Asia’ festival. I think that, when you’re about to meet for the second time a person (or several, in this case) that you admire, you secretly hope that will have remembered you. But you push that thought away, way back in your subconscious out of fear of being disappointed. But here they were all like : « Hey ! Are you feeling better ? » (Yes, for those of you that havn’t read my MIA news, my health played tricks on me again when I met them the first time. Embarassing.) They all were very happy with their drawing and one of them even told me he loved it so much that he would frame it !!! That was a very happy moment. I could honnestly say that from that point on in the early day my day was already perfect. These are very talented young men who inspire me, make me laugh when I feel down and that I see frequently on Youtube. And you somehow start to get extremely attached to them because they kind of – in some way – become part of your life. That’s why they are very precious to me. And I’m probably not the only one that feels that way.
After that I walked around a bit to discover the shops and activities. That’s when I saw Shun Geek who had her own little shop ! Let me remind you that Shun Geek is the girlfriend of one of the guys of ‘Aventures’ and also the only reason why I had the opportunity to meet them the first time. So I feel so grateful when I see her. She was selling lovely jewelry she made herself and also hosted a cosplay catwalk later that day. She insisted that I had to participate. Normaly I would have refused because so many people looking at me scares the hell out of me. But as I was about to decline, I thought of Honey who would have rolled me in himself I wouldn’t have. He always pushes me and encourages me to take part more actively in these kind of things. That’s why eventually I accepted.

I had a few hours to go before the catwalk. Which was a good thing because the cast of ‘Aventures’ (including Bob this time !) was about to give a little conference (Q&A) that I really wanted to see. We got great spots in front. I’m kind of sad that I still have found no one who taped that conference because it was great and extremelly funny. At the end of the conference, I sneaked up the stage to talk to Bon a little and give him his drawing. In that kind and loving voice of his, he told me to wait for him, not to move and then to follow him to the little spot where people were already queuing up to get his signature. He loved the drawing and we started to talk for a little while. I felt so blessed that he gave me some of his spare time (someone of the organisation had already asked him twice to come to the castle beacausethey were waiting for him to get lunch). Out of respect and sense of privacy I will keep the content of the conversation to myself. But it was perfect. He is one of the kindest and warm souls that I have had the chance to meet. He deserves to be respected and recognised for his work.

And then it was catwalk time.
And naturally that’s when I suddenly felt dizzy again and fell on the ground like some old sock. The event had not quite yet started. Luckily enough there were some people beloning to the Red Cross just behind me. They checked if I was fine (I was) and the posted themselves at the entrance and exit of the catwalk. Just to be sure. They were very kind. In the end I was very happy that I enrolled. It was like a small victory on myself and my fear. But as if that wasn’t enough, I won the prize for best outfit creation !!! I couldn’t believe it ! There were so many amazing cosplays, I felt a little ‘underdressed’. I know it’s just an insignificant prize at some festival but to me it meant so much ! Getting rewarded for something that took you time and concentration to outhink and create is the best feeling in the world. It means I created something that people respond to. Not just me. So that was part of my perfect day.

I will leave it at that for the moment and post the second part of my epic adventures soon enough !