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Summer Adventures (2/2)

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I bring to you the second part of my summer adventures.

So there I was, as if in a dream.
The whole cast of Aventures remembered me, I spend a very moving moment with Bob, I won a prize on the runway and the whole cast signed my drawingmap. What a day!
I realized there was one tiny element missing for this day to be absolute. I had not yet met Sorina Chan, the beautiful illustrator and Fred’s (from Aventures) girlfriend. I should have thought about it: of course she also had a shop, selling her exquisite drawings. She was so very warm and kind and we talked a bit. She complimented me on my costume and asked if she could take a picture of me. (OMG). Then I told her I was an artist too and that she was a real source of inspiration. (The way she draws hair is incredible!). Then she asked me if I had some artwork with me, so I showed her my portfolio. She loved it! (OMG, OMG). There was a little voucher up on her stand explaining that you could ask her to draw your manga portrait. I would have loved that, but she was already overbooked with these requests. Instead she gave me her card and told me to contact her to get my portrait a bit later. I asked her to sign my map too. Now I have the coolest map ever.
I’ll shorten the story a bit because I still have a lot to tell you.
That evening, as I was walking around a bit to discover the night activities I stumbled upon Mahyar who was talking with a very small group of people. I approached shyly and as he saw me, he smiled at me as if to invite me to come and join them. They were talking about role playing games. One of my passions. Good. We talked for over 45 minutes. He asked each of us what games we already played at. I played already a lot of different rpg so I only named a few. Then there was this young guy standing beside me who described a game he forgot the title of. As I recognized it instantly, I named the title. Like a second before Mahyar did. Mahyar looked at me with an expression between surprise and amusement. Then he put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me in front of him and told everyone that I would do the talking from now on and that he would just wiggle his arms behind me to give an illusion of his presence. Since apparently I knew as much as him about rpg’s… That was such an amazing compliment! I loved that moment! They all really are such amazingly adorable people… Then he had to go because his taxi was waiting for him and he received and insisting call for him to come over.
I’ll skip ahead because Sunday was more of a lazy day with less big events. So I will simply give my opinion about the Geek Faëries. I spend a really good time there. It felt in some way a bit like home. What do I mean by that? Everybody, really, every single person I met, artists, Youtubers, visitors,… they all were so happy to be there! And you could almost feel that in the air. You knew that that person just next to you had the same passions, the same references as you do. It made general contact so easy and fun. The place, the castle are breathtaking. There was so much to do, the organization was very well planned. I can’t wait to return next year! And I’ll tell you something… I already know what costume I will be making myself.

Once back home I didn’t even had time to unpack that I already started on my drawing. For the rest of that week I did nothing else but draw. I almost had a wrist inflammation. (Don’t laugh, it already happened once!) So beside drawing, I had to organize everything, choose what drawings I would show because I only had place to hang up 6 of them. Well, the efficiency of an artist… (Close to zero).
Monday morning. I arrived at Lille, at the Last Bar on time and my lovely sister was already there to place her creations. They asked her to put up some of her work at the same time to have more diversity. She exposed four of her wonderful gowns and several of her magical crowns. Btw, her husband and herself helped me a lot with the setup of my drawings.
That evening there would be a private viewing, in the meantime, I was surrounded by games and delicious drinks so really nothing to complain about.
That evening, I have to admit that I felt a bit blue. You know, it’s that self-doubt moment when your brain and intelligence are drowning in the nonsense of your emotions. So I was overwhelmed with thoughts like: “I don’t even know what I’m doing here, I have no talent at all! No wonder that nobody wants to buy ma work. It’s so flawed… I was so naïve to believe that I could make it with my creations. I should just dish it all.” At that moment I totally forgot that Sorina loved my drawings, that Mahyar said he was closely interested in what I created and that I should keep him informed about my new creations (yes, I didn’t mention that, but we talked quite a bit about his interest for my work!). But luckily my brain started working again, and I realized something. My target public are mostly geeks. These people don’t have the luxury to spend a lot of money on a drawing. And even if they would spend that amount of money, they would spend it on something ‘useful’, something they can use/wear have an active interaction with. And a drawing doesn’t do that. So thinking about it that way calmed me down.
Strangely enough, an hour later a young couple came to see me. They seemed impatient and very happy at the same time. They bought my Pandren drawing. The first big drawing I ever sold. Life is funny that way. I was ecstatic!

So… Sometimes you get so caught up in life that you’re not able to see the big picture anymore. At one moment I wanted to give up and felt ridiculously sad about my situation, the next I sell a drawing and realize where I come from. I worked really hard to get where I am today. Not only with my creations but also with my health. And a year ago I would never have been capable to do some of the things I do today. And I think I can be proud about all the obstacles I have overcome.

Thanks for reading me!
In my next news I will give you a heads up about my projects and a little word about my holiday in Mauritius.

Elven hugs and love!