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Snowflakes and writings

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It seems like an eternity since I wrote my last news.
(It has been, Ellen ! – Has it now ?! I’m so sorry !)
It very hard try to keep my promises about my projects but as hard as I may want to keep up to them, it isn’t always possible. I feel kind of bad about it though. But you know life. I will however do my best to turn this into an enjoyable news !

So what has happened in all this time ?
You may know that I want on two trips. They were as different as can be.
It had been some time that Honey and I hadn’t had a proper holiday. We – he mostly- really needed some ‘relaxing-in-the-sun-time’. So of we went. We gave ourself a little treat and decided to enjoy two weeks on marvelous Mauritius. I will not tell you all about our personal time there but there is one event I absolutley need to share with you.

We decided to visit the beautiful natural parc of Casela, in the south-west of the island. As an almost fanaticaly animal lover and protector I payed a special attention to the state of well-being of the animals that stayed there. To my greatest joy they all looked happy and healthy as can be. The parc was of a rare beauty, espcially if you took the time to reach the highest peak. There you would discover a breathtaking panorama. The imposing mountain chain that started in the middle of the island went all the way to the side were it rejoined the sea. The harmonious colours of the green mountains and turquoise sea water made all this a place that provided you with a feeling of deep relaxation. But the best time of the day had yet to come. As it were, we ordered a ‘walk with lions’ tour of one hour. I love all animals but I must confess that cats, big and small have a very spevial place in my heart. So, to have the opportunity to walk next to one this big, a lion, being able to touch it’s wire-haired fur, feeling the power of their muscles as they walk… it gave me goosebumps of joy. They were so elegant and confident at the same time. Being in the presence of such a powerful and pure being is very humbling. You realise that with one bite, or one beat with their large paws, they could take your life. They permitted you to be there, next to them, and truely felt like an honour. I can say without hesitation that it was one of the best moments in my life.
And it could have stopped there, but Honey had another surprise for me. He gave me the chance to spend 15 minutes with a caracal. Two or three things : the caracal has for a long time been my favorite animal, so that alone was already a big point. Also, the caracal is an animal that you can almost never see at any zoo, they are very rare. So spending time with one is really something ! And, what is a caracal you ask ? (You should know this !) It is a desert lynx with short red fur and very large black pencil ears. They are known – alongside the serval- to be able to catch a bird in flight by jumping without taking a run-up, up to 3 meters high, without difficulty. Yes, they are amazing. And the nit happened. I made a friend. They were supposed to be shy and bad-tempered by I got along almost instantly with one of them. And then I wanted to stay there and never leave. Looking at her I noticed how very beautiful she was. I knew they were but it was even more noticeable now. She looked like an Egyptian queen ! B.T.W., I suspect the Egyptians of copiyng the beautiful lines on the caracal’s face for their make-up. So that’s that. Best time ever !

When we got back I almost instantly had to pack again to go to the Avalon Fairy Fayre. I go there two times a year, and this was the first time that I got to enjoy the place as I should have. I was finally ready to take in that place’s energy. But I will not dwell on my staying there.

Now, about my projects and creations, I made a series of four drawings from the French rpg ‘Magical Aventures’. I drew each of the girls. It isn’t amazing art, but I enjoyed making them. I will maybe make a more professionnal version of them but it’s not something I intend to create soon. However, you can find these drawings in the album ‘Aventures’. I want to diversify my drawings a bit more, again. I recently made a drawing of a dragon for a friend artist who’s also making a drawing for me. Between artists it’s more fun to pay each other in drawings instead of money. You’ll be hearing more about this person soon ! If you want to see my dragon, you can find him in my ‘Fantasy’ album. If you remember, I promised you an Ice Queen photoshoot for December. That is saddly not going to happen because I will not have the time to make the dress. You may have noticed that I made the crown, even though that was supposed to be a detail. Big things are happening and because of them I will not have the time for the dress. But I will keep drawing. What do you think, for example of a drawing of Orion from Warhammer ? And maybe ( !) I will even bring you a little video for the end of year feasts.

Loads of elven love, melon nîn !