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All those little things in life

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So. I was supposed to create two posts, give or take, a month.
Ever since I made up my mind about this – following the neat advice of my dearly beloved – I havn’t posted anything new at all. That’s not even in the vicinity of what I hoped for at all and I’m not glad about it. At all.
But as I think about it, there is not much I could have done to do things differently.
Here is more or less what happened:

I got sick. Honey got ill as well as I was just starting to feel better. I got ill again. I tried to be creative. That cost me a lot of energy, I should have listened to Hony ‘cause I got sick again. My neurologist made me try a treatment that almost killed me. So I started to get ill. We found and bought a house. There is a lot of work to do in our new house.
That’s it. You now know everything.

Never the less I still got to create a few drawings for my new series ‘Aventures’ themed drawings, I almost finished a new dress for my ‘Spirit of Winter’outfit and just had a lovely fotoshoot with the beautiful Estheralia.
What I plan to do:

Make a headdress for a close friend for the Geek Faeries festival, make two more drawings to complete my new ‘Aventures’ series, work a lot in our new home, make a new dress +headdress for myself for the Geek Faeries, make a neat costume for my Love who is organizer of a major larp game this summer, … and if I can do all these things without getting sick again I will be more then proud!

What I can tell you for sure:

I will add my latest drawings to their ‘Aventures’ gallery, there will soon be a new portfolio gallery with last weekend’s pictures, and just for you I added a very small video of my resting moment at the Made in Asia festival from a few weeks ago. It is in French, though. Sorry for that! But at least you will be able to see me Harley Quinn costume.

I hope you will still take some interest in my creations even though I have been absent for a while. I’m still here, still motivated and I love you all for following my work and adventures!
Lots of delicate elven love to all of you!