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Omens of Spring

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Promise made, promise kept.

Along with the arrival of the goddess Eostra came Spring and in my case, it would seem, also energy and a better health. It took me long enough to get my health to cooperate again but now that I’m better I won’t start complaining. So let’s focus on positive topics, such as: thanks to my energy I was able to keep my promises from the last news!

Indeed I have been busy.
The headdress I made for my friend is finished, I love it and am very proud. But even better, she loves it too (which is kind of the point). She had asked me to make her this piece because at the Geek Faeries Festival she will be interpreting an Ivy Queen. She makes the costume and I just can’t wait to see what see will look like! (I’ll take pictures!)
I also started working on Grunlek’s drawing (you know, a character from the French RPG I love so much). The three drawings I made before his can now be found in the ‘Aventures’ gallery if you would like to see them. Three finished, two more to go!
And finally, my sweet sister and I received the pictures from our latest photoshoot, so a new gallery has popped in my portfolio called ‘Omens of Spring’ (yes, hence this news’ title).

And now what?
Well, as mentioned recently, I am working on a new headdress and dress for myself that I will wear at the Geek Faeries Festival. At first I wanted to finish my ‘Spirit of Winter’ costume to gain time and energy to work some more in our new house. But, as it would seem, I can’t go work there on my own during the week so I have all that time left over to be otherwise creative.
That’s why I changed my opinion and will make this beautiful other themed costume. I want to keep the surprise about the theme a little bit, but I can already tell you that it will be about a cherry blossom tree. But there’s so much more about the upcoming costume then that! You’ll just have to be patient, Sweeties…

And otherwise?
Well, I think that’s a pretty good start!
But I will tell you something… I recently had this crazy idea that really tempts me. In May it will be my birthday and I hesitate on asking a small video camera for the occasion. I would love to make some quality Vlogs for you all. What do you think? Crazy artist idea or good idea?
Also I will maybe ( !!! ) try a new drawing style. It would be a simpler kind of style. That way I would be able to show you some drawings more often. But all these things stay in the ‘Big Maybe’ category.

So that’s it for this time.
I hope I will keep this amount of energy to quickly present you all sorts of new creations and continue to make you dream and believe in everything magical.
If my little world, it’s creations and pictures please you, do not hesitate to ask for prices or scans or talk about what I do around you. I would love that so much!
As always, elven hugs to all of you!