FAE Magazine

Magazine that I follow and that brings me a lot of inspiration. This magazine regroups the fantasy news that's going on around the world (movies, events,..) and also (often) puts a rather unknown fantasy artist in the spotlight. In every edition you can also read about the Froud's wonderful world of art and magic. A real gift , in my opinion.

Rob Wolvenne

One of the most talented photographers I've had the chance to meet. He's the author of my 'Spirit of Winter' pictures. And maybe more to come?

Esthérelia, Les Songes de l'Hespérie

Mighty talented artist and also a dear and close friend. She created the crown I wear in my 'Summer' shooting.

Filia Lunae, Natalee May

Delicate and dreamlike artist, as well as my elven soulmate. She is fascinated by nature's magic which she captures trough photography and paints on beautiful pieces of wood. She also is an amazing photo model.

Brian and Wendy Froud

You really still need to ask what the artistic director of 'Dark Crystal' and 'Labyrinth' and the illustrator of marvelous books such as 'Gobelins!', 'The runes of Elfland' and 'Good faeries/Bad faeries' means to me?

Blizzard Entertainement

Since World of Warcraft is such an inspiration to me and that I organised an exhibition around that theme, I thought they deserved to be mentionned. (As if they needed the publicity...)

Studio Ghibli - Hayao Miyazaki

Sadly enough their official site is only in Japanese, but on principle I wanted to mention it anyway. Miyazaki is a man and artsit (and so much more) for whom I have infinitely much respect and he is a real creator of worlds to me. He stays true to his artsitic convictions and his imagination is without compare.

Sandrine Gestin

Illustrator who's had a big influence on me and who has given me precious and constructive advice on a lot of things. Thanks to her I knew for sure that fantasy artsit is what I really wanted to do, and not be afraid to do it. Go discover the beauties she creates.


Brillant little actress, geek and dear friend. She is impressive because of all the cool things she does, like running several Quidditch teams and medieval dance shows, all of it with a lot of personnality which makes you love her and fear her at the same time. She's just that awesome.

Atelier du Troll

Ladies and gentlemen, did you notice that stunning elven purse on my home page? Well these are the ones who made it! These charming and eccentric leather workers will be more than happy to create anything you want! For exemple, the purse is of my own design. And they're truely kind people. (And even though their page is in French, they speak English and ship overseas, so don't hesitate to cantact them!)


Creative workshop specialised in creating live action role play (LARP) items. They are very polyvalent. In my 'WAAaRpg Modeling' album you can admire the stunning outfits they make. And also, my little brother works there. So please, do take a look at the wonderful things they create.


Should you ever be in the south of the Netherlands then you must stop to eat here ! My beautiful cousin will warmly welcome you. Everthing you eat there is healthy, organic and delicious. She created her little restaurant to proove that ‘healthy’ can also be amzingly tasty.


One of my other close friends who has and incredible musical talent. She plays the harp like no other and plays every year at the big celtic harp convention. She actually enjoys to write scores!